Baku: trial of Stateizer begins

In the Baku court on serious crimes, a preparatory meeting was held in the criminal case of the captain of the ship of the Caspian Naval Fleet Zakhir Askurov, accused of state treason.

According to, the process of the accused was clarified on the process. According to them, Askerov was born in 1982 in Shirvan, has a higher education, graduated from the State Marine Academy, the father of three minor children. Previously judged was not.

The judge clarified his rights to the accused. Z. ASSKAROV said that he received an indictment, the essence of the accusation was clear to him.

The preparatory court session will continue on February 17th.

Note that Zakhir Askurov was arrested by the State Security Service in November last year.

According to the charges, askerov, during the receipt of religious education in the city, Kum entered into secret cooperation with representatives of the Iranian special services. Askerov collected information about foreign companies and representative offices of foreign states in Azerbaijan, about the place and time of conducting the exercises of the Navy at the Caspian, about goods delivered to oil platforms, transmitting the indicated information on a mobile phone, as well as directly during a meeting with his curators in Iran. Askerov was held accountable under article 274 (state treason) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.