Baku urges Armenians to be part of multinational Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry calls for Armenians not to leave their place of residence and be part of the multinational republic.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan categorically rejects and condemns the statement of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikola Pashinyan about the allegedly occurring “ethnic cleaning” in the Karabakh region of the republic.

The department noted that Pashinyan’s statement contradicts his speech on September 21 about the absence of a threat to the Armenian residents from Azerbaijan, and also undermines the efforts of Azerbaijan on humanitarian support and reintegration and the possible prospects of the world between Baku and Yerevan.

“Armenian leadership does not notice how the official Baku quickly began to make the necessary measures of humanitarian support and satisfy the urgent needs of the Armenian residents of the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized.

The department said that the head of the Armenian government “is well known that the current departure of the Armenian residents from the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan is their personal and individual decision, and it has nothing to do with violent resettlement”.

“If some layers of Armenian residents do not want to live in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan, we cannot force them to this. On the contrary, we urge the Armenians not to leave their place of residence and be part of the multinational Azerbaijan,” the statement said.

The Foreign Ministry noted that in order to establish peace and security in the region, Armenia should stop the obstacle to the reintegration of local Armenians and focus on the successful completion of the negotiation process to conclude a peaceful agreement with Azerbaijan, based on territorial integrity and sovereignty of the two countries.