Baku: Yerevan was called to start work on division of border

Baku called the alleged statements of representatives of the Armenian authorities about a certain aggression of Azerbaijan in relation to Armenia, as well as agreements on the division of the state border.

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry emphasized that it was Armenia who kept under the occupation of the territory of Azerbaijan for almost 30 years and will still occupy 8 settlements of a neighboring country. At the same time, Yerevan, contrary to agreements, did not completely withdraw units from the territory of Azerbaijan, and also continues armed provocations in the region.

In response to assessments of the Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan, the foreign policy department of Azerbaijan noted that no agreement on the conduct of a delimitation on the basis of any card between Baku and Yerevan was reached and the Armenian side was well informed about this.

“Unlike Armenia, the process of delimitation, which Azerbaijan has now carried out with a number of states, was carried out not on the basis of a separately selected map, but based on the analysis and review of all legally significant documents. This experience can also be applied in relation to Armenia. Instead of insisting on a reference to the 1975 map, it would be more useful to start working on delimitation. It should not be forgotten that after the Patriotic War of 2020, it was Armenia for a long time that did not give any answer to Baku’s proposal about the division of the border, ”added In the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan.