“Barbara” fell upon Israel

A winter storm, which received the name “Barbara” from meteorologists, fell on Monday to Israel. The National weather service announced the penultimate – the “orange” danger level in connection with the threat of squalled wind and strong bad weather in the sea.

Throughout the country, a gusty wind, rain and thunderstorms are recorded throughout the day. According to the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, in some places the wind speed reached 27.7 m/s – a “strong storm” on a box of the boom.

“Barbara” affected the largest seaside agglomeration of the country with a center in Tel Aviv. In the conditions of weather in Tel Aviv, the terraces of coastal cafes and restaurants are closed, spray from high waves reaches a pedestrian area near the sea, a strong wind knocks down, there are almost no passers-by at this time on the streets.

From many areas of the country, reports of various incidents caused by stormy weather. According to Yedioth Ahronoth, in several cities of Israel, including Haifa, there are falls of trees, there are victims. In Tel Aviv, two people during the day were injured from heavy objects picked up by the wind.

In Ashdod in the south of Israel, construction forests collapsed on one of the construction construction, damaging the power line. At the Golan heights in the north-east of the country there is heavy snowfall, because of it on Monday, the main Israeli ski resort on Mount Hermon was closed to visitors.

According to meteorologists, inclement weather, caused by Cyprus and Greece by the storm “Barbara”, will remain in Israel until at least Thursday. Weather forecasters predict that on Tuesday the temperature throughout Israel will continue to decline, the threat of storm rainfall and squalled wind will remain.