Bayractar Akyndji successfully launched UAV-122 supersonic missile

Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Bayractar Akyndzhi successfully completed the firing of the UAV-122 supersonic missile manufactured by Rocketsan.

In the Baykar message on the social network X, video shots are provided. The UAV-122 missile, developed by Roketsan, has high accuracy of hit, fast fire support, the possibility of reaching low/high-high trajectory and high maneuverability.

The chairman of the Baykar Board of Directors, Selchuk Bayractar, also shared images of combat tests of the UAV-122 Bayractar Akyndji missile on his account X under the heading of the “Golden Age of Turkish Aviation”.

Roketsan CEO Murat Ikindzhi, in his publication on the social network X, noted: “We are proudly moving forward along the route, which was outlined with the help of our national technologies. Our UAV-122 missile successfully tested the Bayractar Akyndi BPL. Congratulations to all who has made their contribution to this business.