Bayraktar and Javelin: Ukraine holds his teachings in response to maneuvers of Russia and Belarus

As a reaction to Russian-Belarusian military exercises “Union Demandrs-2022”, which began on Thursday, February 13, Ukraine on the same day starts his maneuvers. Their holding announced on February 8, the Minister of Defense Alexey Kontnikov on the air of the ICTV channel.

According to him, until February 20, the teachings will be held on landfills in Kovel, Ovruche, Wide Laan, Aleskovsky Sands, Chuguev, Chernigov, Sumy and Odessa. “And these are only polygons. And there are still separate platforms, the places where the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be trained,” Quietly Vella quotes.

The Minister also said that during the maneuvers, Bayraktar unmanned unmanned complexes will be used and Javelin anti-tank missile systems. What the number of Ukrainian military personnel participate in the exercises, not reported.