Bayramov: Armenia should answer offer of Azerbaijan

The incitement of the revenge behavior of Armenia to the third parties causes great concern, as it encourages Yerevan to strengthen military provocations, the use of warlike rhetoric, said on Thursday Azerbaijan Foreign Minister Jaykhun Bayramov, speaking at the 29th session of the Council of Ministers of the OSCE.

The Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan said that the world community, including the OSCE, must convince Armenia to abandon attempts to undermine the normalization process. “Armenia must reciprocate the constructive proposal of Azerbaijan and take the historical opportunity to normalize his relations with Azerbaijan and other neighboring countries. This will pave the way to peace, security and cooperation in the region,” Bayramov said.

He noted that “the approach of Azerbaijan is clear, consistent and based on international law. The parties should urgently agree on a legally binding document that lays the basis of their interstate relations. This document guarantees their rights as two equal sovereign states and is the basis for Solving issues of mutual interest. “

“Despite the increased dynamics of bilateral negotiations, progress in the three main directions of the process of normalizing Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, i.e. the signing of a peace agreement, the division of borders and the opening of regional communications remains very limited. In all three areas of Armenia, imitations are more committed to imitations , rather than sincere participation with the process. Armenia is trying to evade fulfilling his obligations, ”Bayramov added.

The Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan also noted that Armenia is torpedoing the peace process. In particular, Armenia has not yet fully withdrawn its illegal armed groups from the territory of Azerbaijan, refuses to provide unhindered transport connection between the main part of Azerbaijan and Nakhchyansky Autonomous Republic.