Bayramov with Assistant US Secretary of State discussed tensions on border of Azerbaijan and Armenia

On July 28, a telephone conversation was held between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan by Jayhun Bayramov and Acting Assistant US Secretary of State on Europe and Eurasia Philip Ricker.

As reported by Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, the parties discussed the current situation in the region and issues related to the decision of the tripartite statements.

Minister Jeyhun Bayramov informed the opposite side of tensions on the border of Azerbaijan and Armenia, in particular, that in the last days of Armenia resorts to provocations, leads intensive shelling of Azerbaijani positions, as a result of which Azerbaijani soldier died on July 23, and on July 28 Two of our servicemen were injured. It was noted that the Azerbaijani side in response to these provocations takes appropriate measures.

The minister stressed that Azerbaijan is not interested in exacerbating the situation and stands for the political and diplomatic settlement of all disagreements.

Jeyhun Bayramov brought to the attention of the opposite side the importance of awareness of Armenia of his responsibility and termination of provocations.