Beijing got down to business: China will offer plan of peace treaty for Russia and Ukraine

China is preparing a new plan for the peaceful settlement of war in Ukraine, taking into account respect for the “sovereignty of all countries”, said Bloomberg head of the office of the Commission on Foreign Affairs of the Central Committee of the CPC Van and.

next week he will fly to Moscow.

The new peaceful proposal will repeat the points of the previous plan, which was put forward by the leader of the PRC Xi Jinping. We are talking about compliance with the principles of the UN Charter.

On the eve of China, he called Russia and Ukraine to the speedy completion of the conflict. The permanent representative of the country at the UN Zhang Jun said at a meeting of the Security Council that Russia should stop fire and sit at the negotiating table “as quickly as possible.” He noted that Beijing advocates observing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. Nevertheless, the diplomat added that during the settlement of the conflict, the legitimate interests of all states in the field of security should be taken into account.