Belarus and Mongolia will join SCO in 2024

Belarus and Mongolia will join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) next year. The expansion of the composition of the SCO participants was told by the Deputy Chairman of the KNB of Kazakhstan, Ruslan Seymembaev, speaking at the 40th meeting of the Council of the regional anti-terrorist structure (RATS) of the SCO in Astana.

“Next year, it is expected to join our work of experienced specialists from the Republic of Belarus, which completes the procedure for entering the SCO. A similar work is carried out in Mongolia. In this regard, to give impulse in the development of multilateral cooperation in the fight against the forces of three evils – terrorism, extremism and separatism – representatives of observers at the SCO are invited to participate in the council, ”said Seymembaev, whose words quoted“ Kazinform ”.

According to him, the composition of the SCO participants is constantly expanding. “This convincingly testifies to the steadily growing international authority and the influence of our organization. Today, for the first time as a full -fledged member of the SCO family in the work of the Council of the Regional Anti -Terrorism Structure, the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran takes part,” said REDIMBAEV.


September 8, 2023 in Astana, chaired by Kazakhstan, the 40th meeting of the Council of the RATS SCOs is being held. During the meeting, it is planned to discuss a number of issues regarding the coordination of the joint opposition of the illegal activities of terrorist, separatist and extremist organizations and groups that pose a threat to the security of the SCO members.

In addition, the meeting participants will consider the issues of cooperation in the field of information security, as well as the course of preparation for events in the framework of the Rats SCO.