Belarusian Foreign Minister excluded threats and aggression from territory of republic

The threat will not come from the territory of Belarus and aggression cannot be committed. About the Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergey Aleinik said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“The key point is that Belarus has always been and remains a peaceful state. The threat has never come from the territory of Belarus. According to our Constitution, no aggression can be committed from the territory of Belarus. These are postulates that which are postulates that unshakable, ”the minister said.

Aleinik noted that in the concept of national security adopted at the All -Russian People’s Assembly, Belarusia’s military doctrine clearly prescribes the ability and ability of the country to ensure its security, its defense capabilities by all available forces and means, including allied relations with the Russian Federation and relations in the field of interaction between the defense departments of two countries.

The minister attracted attention to “provocations from the Ukrainian side in the form of drones, attempts to transport weapons and explosives to Belarusian territory with the subsequent use of this military equipment to perform terrorist acts.”

“Only for this and last year, 40 channels of the transportation of weapons and explosives were stopped into the territory of the Republic of Belarus from the territory of Ukraine. Of course, this cannot but cause concern,” the head of the foreign ministry stated.


In this regard, Aleinik attracted attention to the fact that “weapons and explosives, transferred from the territory of Ukraine to Belarus, can be used against Russia.”

“We understand that today the sphere of aspirations is largely aimed not only at Belarus, but also to Russia. Therefore, the channels of the transfer of weapons and explosives, of course, can be used anywhere,” Aleinik said.

The minister emphasized that Minsk hopes for the resumption of negotiations on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine.

“Let’s hope that sooner or later these negotiations will be resumed, but they will really resume in the correct format, between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, of course, we see ourselves part of this process, since this conflict directly affects Belarus,” Alainik said .

The doors of Belarus for negotiating in Ukraine are open, it all depends on the political will of Kyiv, said the head of the department.

“We will always be ready to accept negotiations on Belarusian land, which, as we hope, will contribute to the restoration of peace and the cessation of bloodshed in Ukraine,” added the Foreign Minister of Belarus.