Belgium will transmit Kyiv largest package of military assistance

Belgium allocates for Ukraine the largest package of military assistance for 92 million euros. In addition, the country will transfer humanitarian aid to Kyiv for 69 million euros.

According to the Minister of Defense of Belgium, Ludevin Dedder, we are talking about air defense missiles, anti -tank missiles, machine guns, grenades, ammunition, trucks and armored jeeps. Part of this will be taken from the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense of Belgium, and some are purchased in private companies.

according to reports, military assistance includes:

– AIM-120 amraam missiles for NASAMS complexes;

– launchers for the Mistral air defense system;

– 80 armored vehicles IVECO Lynx and 150 Volvo trucks;

– small arms.

Belgian Ministry of Defense will also send Ukraine fuel and ensure the training of the Ukrainian military.