Belgorod region of Russian Federation again reported on shelling from territory of Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine per day released 460 shells in the Shebekin city district of the Belgorod region. This was announced in his telegram channel on Wednesday the governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov.

“460 units of various ammunitions were issued in the Shebekinsky city district, 26 discharges of explosive devices with UAVs were recorded. There were without victims. In the city of Shebekino, blows were mainly applied to residential arrays,” he wrote.

Gladkov added that 33 artillery shells were released in the Belgorod district in the village of Zhuravlevka, he was twice to attack the drone-kamikadze, in the Borisovsky district, the village of Tsapovka fell under the mortar, in the Volokonovsky district, four mortar shells were released along the Old Farm, in the Gravoron district under the Gravoron region The shelling of the village of Kozinka hit Belgorod for two air targets was worked by the Russian air defense system.

The governor of the region added that in the Graivoronsky district in the village of Kozinka, a gas pipe was damaged as a result of shelling, 74 subscribers were blocked by gas. In the Shebekinsky district, an agricultural object was damaged due to shelling, in addition, households and cars were damaged in a number of villages of the region.

Later Gladkov also said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Grades” fired at the center of the village of Grafovka, Shebekinsky District. There are no victims. Some of the shells fell in the area of ​​the school and the House of Culture. “The part fell into the private sector. There is a direct hit in the courtyard of a residential building – the outbuilding and the fence are damaged. Facades and windows of two private households are also chopped with fragments. Operational services work on the spot,” the head of the region said.