Ben Hodges: In addition to defeat of Russia, there is no other outcome of war

Plan a Victory Parade in Kyiv prematurely, but the advantage is now on the side of Ukraine, there is no doubt that they will win this war, perhaps already in 2023, said Ben Hodges, retired Lieutenant, former commander of the US Ground Forces in Europe .

According to Hodges, whose words are quoted by BBC, “in winter the events will develop more slowly, but Ukrainian forces will be able to better cope with the situation – thanks to winter equipment coming from the UK, Canada and Germany.”

By January, Ukraine will be able to begin the final phase of the campaign – the liberation of Crimea, Hodges are sure.

“History teaches us that war is a test of will and logistics. Taking into account the determination of the Ukrainian people and soldiers, as well as a rapidly improving situation with logistics for Ukraine, I do not see another outcome, except for the defeat of Russia,” the general says -retired liths.

Hodges notes that he partly prompted him to the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson. Firstly, this is a psychological victory for the Ukrainian people, secondly, a deep embarrassment for the Kremlin, and thirdly, Ukrainian troops received a key operational advantage-all approaches to Crimea are now within the reach of Ukrainian weapons.

“I believe that by the end of 2023 the Crimea will be completely returned to the control and sovereignty of Ukraine, although, perhaps, some agreement will be concluded, which will allow Russia to gradually turn its naval base in Sevastopol … perhaps, it is possible. Even before the expiration of the contract (until about 2025), which existed before the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia, ”says Hodges.