Ben Wallace called on Ukraine to “press” Russian army in winter

Ukraine must “continue to crush, do not reduce the pressure”, to apply new rapid blows to Russian troops during the winter. So believes the Minister of Defense of Great Britain Ben Wallace.

the Ukrainian army will help the equipment that Western allies provided to it will be easier to resist poorly equipped Russian troops, Wallace said in an interview with The Daily Beast at the military base in the UK, where Western instructors teach Ukrainian soldiers.

“Given the advantage of Ukrainians in preparing the treatment of the material part and quality of their soldiers as opposed to demoralized, poorly trained, poorly equipped Russians, preservation of pressure during the winter would be in the interests of Ukraine. They have 300,000 sets for hostilities in polar conditions from the international community, ”said Wallace, the statements of which are quoted by Moscow Times.

Wallace believes that the Ukrainian army has serious advantages. “The Russian unit without food, socks and with a small number of weapons was recently transferred. For a person who goes to the front, this is a disaster,” said the British Minister of The Daily Beast. “The Russians have a scale, but they are not very good [on the battlefield] . Most of those who were good are already dead. “