Berlin: situation around Ukraine is worse than during Cold War

Situation around the border with Ukraine, where the Russian military forces are concentrated, now it is extremely dangerous – this was not even during the Cold War, the Vice-Chancellor of Germany Robert Habek said, transfers Interfax.

Russia is also a friendly country, but the situation is extremely anxious, and the issues of supporting the Ukrainian army adopts the NATO Alliance, “said Habek, stressing that Germany helped and helps the Kiev army supplies for self-defense.

According to Habek, he confirmed the theses of the head of the FRG FRG Annala Berbok, voiced during a visit to Kiev, Germany still refrains from the supply of Ukraine and military equipment to Ukraine.

German Vice-Chancellor stated that Germany was tuned to partnerships with Russia, and expressed the hope that because of Ukraine, an armed conflict would not be broocled, which could “cross partnerships.”