Best countries for pensioners

A rating of countries for prosperous life in retirement is drawn up.

Consulting company MERCER and CFA Institute organization amounted to Global Pension Index, in which Iceland occupied the first place, and hit the list for the first time this year.

The first place of Iceland, according to Mercer, helped to get out relatively generous state pension, as well as a first-class and reliable pension system, which allows you to accumulate significant funds.

The top three includes the Netherlands and Denmark, which invariably occupied the first two lines over the past 10 years. In general, the Scandinavian countries received more than 80 points from compilers.

Neighboring with 75-80 points are Israel, Norway and Australia. 65-75 points scored Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand and Chile.

The lowest positions received Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey, India, Philippines and Argentina. Closed the rating, being on the 43rd place, Thailand.

Analysts considered the Global Pension Index, which was calculated depending on the level of interest rates, production and equality of income in the country, as well as on the size of public debt and climate change.

“Studying the strengths and weaknesses of pension systems in order to provide better retirement benefits to each person has never been more relevant,” the President and CEO of the CFA Institute Margaret Franklin.

According to experts, the consequences of the aging of the population around the world are the most important task of proper support of pensioners before retirement systems. Also pressure on pension systems have a pandemic and slow wage growth.

Kazakhstan did not hit the Global Pension Index rating.