Between Azerbaijan and Armenia, significant progress in unlocking railway communication has been achieved

At a meeting of the Deputy Prime Ministers of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, a significant progress was noted in the coordination of unlocking transport communications between these republics, said the deputy chairman of the Russian government Alexei Overchuk.

This Deputy Prime Minister of Russia wrote on the social network Telegram.

Among other, the parties “reached a general understanding regarding the implementation of specific steps to restore and organize railway communication along the Erash -Julph – Megri -Goradiz route,” the statement said.

Trilateral Working Group, chaired by Deputy Prime Ministers of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia, began work in Moscow on June 3. The group gathered in accordance with the instruction, which was voiced by the Russian, Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders at the meeting last week.

The results of the negotiations, as noted by the deputy chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, will be reported to the leaders of the three countries. “The parties agreed to continue work within the framework of the tripartite working group,” Overchuk said.