Between Iran and Saudi Arabia melts ice

Foreign Minister Saudi Arabia Prince Fisal Bin Farchhan said that Iran and Saudi Arabia could resume the work of their consulates, reports France 24.

He expressed the hope that negotiations between Tehran and Er-Riyadh will continue, adding that countries have already achieved sufficient progress, which allows to look at the future more optimistic.

“Negotiations still worked outdoor, but did not bring results. We are committed to serious negotiations with Iran in areas that worry us and other countries in the region. This allows us to have a normal relationship with our neighbor Iran,” the Foreign Minister said .

On the question, whether Saudi is interested in holding another round of negotiations with official Tehran, Fishal Bean Ferkhan replied that the negotiations will continue.

Answering the question about the possible resumption of the work of consulates in both countries, the minister said that the kingdom is definitely ready to consider all offers and questions if they are serious and bring the result.

Recall that Iran and Saudi Arabia do not have diplomatic relations since January 2016 after the attack on the Embassy of the Kingdom in Tehran after the Er Riad executed the Shiich Schija Siek Nimir.