Between Moscow and Sofia, tension intensifies

Transfer to the Russian Embassy in Sofia by $ 890 thousand. He fell under the sanctions of the European Union, which was due to which he was automatically blocked, said the Minister of Finance of Bulgaria Asen Vasilev, Bulgarian national radio.

The Minister denied the words of the party deputy “There is such a people” Toshko Yordanov that it was Bulgarian Ministry of Finance frozen funds.

According to Vasilev, the Russian Embassy asked Bulgaria to “cancel the sanctions” to transfer, this is discussed with the European Commission. The embassy claims that the frozen amount is intended for the payment of salaries to employees, the minister added.

At the end of June, Bulgaria declared Persons Non Grata 70 Russian diplomats, accusing them of “for foreign interests”. The acting was announced about the expulsion Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, who shortly before that resigned from the post of prime minister after the Votum of Dorrotion and accused the government of three Bulgarian politicians and the Russian ambassador to Eleanor Mitrofanov.