Biden assured that United States will continue to defend rights of Muslims

US President Joseph Biden, congratulating Muslims with the onset of the Holy Month of Ramadan, urged to refuse prejudices against Muslims.

News portal “TRT in Russian” writes that Biden has attracted attention to the fact that Muslims in the United States have always contributed to the development of the country.

Muslims play an important role in areas such as entrepreneurship, education and public service, reminded the American leader.

“But Muslims are still the target of intimidation, fanatism and hate crimes. This bias and these attacks are wrong. They are unacceptable. It should cease. No one in America to confess his faith in fear,” said Joe Biden assured that the United States will continue to defend human rights, including Uigurs in China, Muslim Rohintja and all Muslim communities in the world.

The head of the White House stressed that he was proud due to the fact that he canceled the ban on entry into the American territory of citizens of a number of Muslim countries immediately after the entry into office.