Biden explained that United States considers invasion of Ukraine

US President Joe Biden stated that the United States would consider Russia an invasion of Russia if any Russian military units cross the Ukrainian border.

“If any, any Russian units move through the Ukrainian border, it will be an invasion. … This will be given a tough and coordinated economic response, which I discussed with the US allies, and also very clearly outlined Putin’s president,” Bayden quotes the words The Wall Street Journal.

Biden declared the preparedness of the United States to take action if the Russian Federation will act against Ukraine with non-military methods.

“Russia has long used other methods for the purpose of aggression, rather than open hostilities. Semi-time tactics, so-called attacks in the gray zone, the actions of the Russian military who do not bear the Russian form,” he argued. “We must be prepared to give a decisive and one answer and on this using various tools available at our disposal,” said Biden, his words leads TASS.

“But there is no doubt, let it be absolutely no doubt that if Putin does such a choice, Russia will pay a high price,” said the American president.