Biden: results of “referendums” are fabricated in Moscow

The United States never recognize the results of pseudo -referenda in Ukrainian territories captured by Russia, President Joe Biden said, indicating that the Kremlin’s actions are a “egregious violation” of the principles of international law. This is reported by Agency France-Presse.

“I want to clearly declare this. The United States never, never recognize Russia’s claim to the sovereign territory of Ukraine,” Biden said at a meeting with the leaders of the countries of the Pacific Islands in Washington.

“The so -called referendums were a fiction, an absolute fiction. The results were fabricated in Moscow, he said.” The true will of the Ukrainian people manifests itself every day when people sacrifice their lives in order to save the people and maintain their country’s independence “. P>

“Russia’s attack on Ukraine … is an egregious violation of the UN Charter and the basic principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the president added.

The Kremlin said that the annexation of four Ukrainian regions will be officially announced on Friday after the speech of Vladimir Putin.

Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons to protect the territories against the backdrop of the successes of the Ukrainian military fighting with Russian invaders.

At the same time, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called the referendum staged by the Kremlin an insult to the principles of international peace and security. “Fictive“ referendums ”are arranged by the Kremlin in a vain attempt to disguise what is equivalent to a new attempt to capture Ukrainian territories,” the Blinken statement said.

Blinken previously called the pseudo -referendums part of the “devilish scheme”, saying that the Russian military kicked out Ukrainians from the cities they captured, and brought there on buses of Russian citizens, thanks to the voting of which the results were obtained by Moscow.