Biden sharply replied journalist, but then apologized

US President Joe Biden in a sharp form answered the question of the journalist CNN channel, but later brought his apologies.

Catelin Catlin’s correspondent At the end of the press conference by Biden in Geneva, when he was already going to the exit, asked why the American leader is confident that his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin will change his behavior. “

“I am not sure that he will change his behavior. Where, damn … What did you do all this time? When did I say that I am sure? – responded by Biden, returning to journalists. – I said that (let’s Currently) … I said that their behavior will change if the rest will react to them and it will reduce their status in the world. I’m not sure. I just set out the fact, “reports TASS.

“If you do not understand this, you do not work,” the American president concluded.

Later before the departure from Geneva, Biden brought his journalist his apologies for a sharp answer: “I must apologize to the one that I asked the last question. I was not worth clever, answering it.”