Biden will come to Central Europe

US President Joe Biden can visit Central Europe in February.

This was stated in Riga by President of Poland Andrzej Duda.

According to him, Bayden’s visit is waiting for a visit to Poland because he himself announced such plans.

“President Joe Biden will most likely visit our part of Europe in February,” said Duda.

As the President of Poland explained, he means central Europe.

“Our part of Europe in this context is a territory from Romania to Estonia,” he said, emphasizing that it is at the moment it is difficult to say where it will be Biden.

“We do not have this information yet. Perhaps these data will be in the coming days,” said Duda.

Biden said on Monday that he intends to visit Poland, but does not yet know exactly when such a visit can take place.

On January 25, the NBC television company said that Biden was considering a number of European countries in February. According to NBC sources, the trip may be timed to the anniversary of the outbreak of war in Ukraine. At the same time, the television company did not specify whether the US president’s visit to Kyiv is possible within this tour.