Biden will discuss Russia, China and Turkey with leaders of European Union

US President Joe Biden will meet with the leaders of the European Union’s countries on video conferencing on Thursday, reports Reuters.

The purpose of this meeting will be the restoration of ties between the United States and the European Union, which were destroyed for 4 years of President Donald Trump. Among them is the US outlet from the Paris Climate Agreement, Nuclear Transaction with Iran and the introduction of tariffs for goods from the European Union.

“Waiting for the opportunity to greet @potus (US President) at the Council of Europe meeting this week. I invited the President of the United States to join our meeting so that he would share his views on our future cooperation. It’s time to restore our transatlantic alliance,” wrote in His Twitter Charles Michel, Chairman of the Council of Europe.

The leaders of 27 EU countries will hold video conferencing on Thursday and Friday, on which vaccines, Russia, Turkey and industrial policy will discuss. Biden will take part in the meeting to discuss interaction with the EU in China and Russia.

However, according to Reuters, the confrontation of the United States and Germany on the “Northern Flow” can be a problem for dialogue.