Biden will meet with king and hereditary prince of Saudi Arabia

US President Joe Biden during a visit to the Middle East, which will take place next week, will hold bilateral negotiations with the king of Saudi Arabia Salman Ibn Abdul-Aziz and other leaders of the country, including the Crown Prince Muhammad ibn Salman, a representative of the White House.

The visit of the US President, including an attempt to restore relations with the powerful Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, whom Biden previously called the “outcast”, writes Reuters.

According to the agency’s analysts, Biden needs the support of Saudi Arabia, one of the largest oil producers in the world, due to the growth of fuel prices in the United States, as well as due to the fact that Washington seeks to end the war in Yemen, where the coalition under The command of the Saudis recently extended the ceasefire. The United States also want to restrain the growth of Iran’s influence in the Middle East and China’s global influence.

However, it was still unknown whether Bayden’s personal meeting with the Crown Prince would be held, and de facto – the leader of Saudi Arabia John Kirby, the coordinator of strategic communications of the National Security Council at the White House, confirmed that Joe Biden listed in the schedule of Joe Biden Such a meeting.

“The president will take part in bilateral negotiations with the King of Saudi Arabia and the leadership of the country,” Kirby said. “As you know, the Crown Prince enters this team of leaders, so he will take part in this meeting. Therefore, of course, the president will meet with a crown prince in the context of a wider bilateral discussion. “

Biden will also discuss the ceasefire in Yemen and affect the issues of observing human rights and energy security during meetings with the leaders of the Persian Gulf, Kirby added. Representatives of the White House will also discuss the possibilities of air defense with regional leaders in the face of a threat from Iran, said John Kirby, who until recently worked as a press secretary of the US Department of Defense.

President Biden’s trip to the Middle East will begin on July 13 and will last until July 16. Its first item will be a visit to Israel.