Bidena doctor said there was no reason to worry about health of US President

US President Joe Biden, following a medical examination, did not reveal any “new ailments”. This is stated in Wednesday published on Wednesday by the press secretary of the White House Karin Jean-Pierre, the report of the attending physician of President Kevin O’Connor following a regular medical examination of the American leader.

“The president feels good, and the medical examination of this year has not revealed new causes for concern. He is still able to fulfill duties without any seizures or concessions,” the report said.

The doctor called the American leader “a healthy, active and strong 81-year-old man, who is still able to fulfill his duties of the president, including the head of the executive branch of the authorities, the head of state and the supreme commander.”

Joe Biden’s health information came to the presidential election scheduled for November, but the discussions about his state of health and age continue.

In a survey conducted by ABC News/IPSOS February 9-10, 86 percent of the respondents said that they believe 81-year-old Biden “too old” to occupy the president for a second term.