Bishkek will host international half -marathon “One Run”

In Bishkek on June 4, the One Run International half marathon will be held, the Department of Physical Education and Sports reports.

According to the organizers, races of 21.1 km, 10 km and 5 km are planned as part of the tournament. Also, a 1 km highway will be organized for children.

The main goals of the half marathon: the popularization of a healthy lifestyle and sports, the mobilization of the volitional qualities of the participants in the event, the creation of the largest running event, both for amateurs and professionals, involving citizens in systematic exercises and sports as an important means of strengthening health and development and development Marathon running movement.

The half marathon is simultaneously planned in Kyrgyzstan in all regions of Russia, in Belarus, Armenia, Tajikistan and China. Thousands of people start at the same time, regardless of time zones.