“Black Widow” Aishat Rzayev explained her husband a militant from Azerbaijan and shoot from Syria

The law enforcement agencies of Turkey on October 7 conducted a special operation in the Kechioren area (Ankara), as a result of which the civilian citizen of Russia 29-year-old Aishat Rzayev, writes the Hürriyet newspaper.

During the search of the house, large sums in Turkish lies and dollars, organizational documents, digital materials and fake Syrian identity cards were seized. Information about the detention of Rzaeva was transferred to the Russian side.

Investigators noted that Rzaeva was part of the Black Widow Group, which was one of the special projects of the leader of ISIL Abu Bakra Al-Bagdadi. The former leader of ISIL, who united the widows who lost his spouses during the fighting and very loyal to the organization, sought to use these women as a suicide threads in the attacks because of their feelings of revenge.

“In 2015, I flew to Azerbaijan with a plane from Russia, and then flew to Istanbul. In Istanbul, members of the organization welcomed me and taken to the house where I lived. After a two-month stay in Istanbul, members of the organization transported me to Gaziantep. We illegally I moved to Syria through smugglers. I was taken to my spouse T.A., a citizen of Russia, who fought in the ranks of the militants to ISHIs in Syria. Together with her husband, we were registered with the mind of Ahmed in the Russian Catapult (military detachment of Russian-speaking), Included in the composition of IHIL. Later I visited ideological lectures. Then my spouse died, “the Turkish edition of the Rzaeva testimony quotes.

The girl also told how she escaped from the Camp “Hall”, which is under the control of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDG), expanding terrorist YPG-PKK, which the United States supports in Syria.

“The second time I married a member of the organization – a citizen of Azerbaijan, who also died, fighting for ISHIs. When attempting to escape from Syria, we were caught by US troops and RPKs, and then delivered to the Al-Holden camp. After As we stayed there for some time, we escaped from the camp with widows of other members of the organization. And illegally drove into Turkey through Hatay, having agreed with smugglers. After Hatti, I stayed in houses rented by ISIL in Istanbul, Kone and Ankara, “the woman said.