Blinken: statements of Russian authorities are offensive

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in an interview with the Rain TV channel called the offensive statements by the Russian authorities about genocide in Ukraine, transfers

“The idea of ​​- quoting -” genocide “is absolutely incorrect and, to be honest, offensive. It depreciates the Word itself, gently expressing. This simply does not happen. How do we know it? From there, that at least on the Ukrainian side of that separation The line that was conducted as a result of the Russian invasion of the territory of Ukraine, OSCE observers work. They check what is happening there, and which does not happen, “said the Secretary of State.

According to him, Russia behaves very illogical and actively engaged in “provocations”, which uses for the “justification of military intervention” both on Donbass and Ukraine.

“The idea that Ukraine is now somehow threatened by Russia, contradicts any logic, given the size of these countries. And the idea that Ukraine will suddenly try to return the Donbass now, although she could do it at any moment for The last 8 years, but chose exactly the moment, when around Ukraine 150,000 Russian military, also contradicts any logic, “concluded Bernken.