Blogger died after 40 days of healing starvation

Blogger from Russia Vitaly Viranovsky died in Abkhazia after 40 days of starvation. The corpse is sent to the morgue of forensic medical examinations. This is reported by TASS.

“On Sunday morning, a corpse of a man was found in one of the abandoned houses in the village of Anhua Gudautsky district a man’s corpse. Militia and prosecutor’s office arrived in place, which found a man’s body without signs of violent death, in an unnatural position. It was possible to establish that this blogger from Krasnodar Vitaly Vitalovsky, who was hungry for 40 days. After the start of the medical starvation, he came to Abkhazia from the Russian Federation, he told in his blog about what he was very weak, “the employee said Militia Badri Ayba.

It became known that Vyranovsky was engaged in yoga and had previously arrived with his friends in the village of Anhua, where they lived in abandoned houses.