Bloomberg revealed details of peaceful plan of China in war in Ukraine

The Chinese plan of the peaceful settlement of the Russian Federation against Ukraine includes calls for ceasefire and suspension of weapons of weapons to Kyiv, writes Bloomberg with reference to sources among European officials.

“Familiar to the plan, European officials who wished to remain unnamed, said that it was expected to include calls to stop fire and stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine. They said that the United States and their allies think that Putin could make Similar comments during a speech on Tuesday in Moscow, and can potentially offer a draft UN resolution on February 24, in honor of the first anniversary to compete with a resolution supported by supporters of Ukraine, ”the statement said.

China’s peace plan “causes skepticism in the USA and Europe,” as well as China’s attempts a year after the announcement of limitless partnerships with the Russian Federation, to convince the world that he is a neutral player, the media notes.

The agency added that the Chinese leadership repeatedly defended some of the reasons why the Russian Federation started the war, although it did not support the invasion itself.

“Although China did not unveil the details of the peaceful plan, Van and said that the proposal would include calls to respect the territorial integrity, protect nuclear facilities and counteract the use of biochemical weapons,” the media added.

The message also says that the war in Ukraine is now a key issue for China and the United States in the formation of global narratives.

According to the senior researcher at the Singapore school of international research by S. Rajaratnama Rafaello Pantucci, China’s proposals “look incredible.” “In order for them to become probable, it is necessary that China be perceived as an independent intermediary. And China clearly took the side in this conflict,” he said.

At a meeting at the Munich Conference with the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleboy Van and stated that China insists on the assistance of the world and dialogue, and also opposed the delay and expansion of the war.