Bodies of dead during crash of helicopter in Iran were taken to Tabriz

the bodies of President Iran Ebrahim Raisi and the delegation that accompanied him, who died as a result of the crash of a helicopter, were taken from the place of disaster and transported to Tabriz.

In the news broadcasting on Iranian state television, information about the transfer of bodies and ceremony, which will be held in Tabriz.

is given

The message notes that the bodies transferred to the Rachmat Valley in Tabriz will be delivered to Tabriz International Airport. On Tuesday, at 09.00 local time, the bodies from the Square of the Schekids Tabriz will be transported to Mashhead, where the funeral ceremony will take place.

There is no information about the program in Meshed yet.

– the crash of a helicopter

On May 19, President Raisi took part in the opening ceremony of the dam on the Iranian-Azerbaijani border. On the way back, the helicopter of President Raisi, accompanied by Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdullahiyan and some officials, suffered an accident.

At the request of Iran, Turkey allocated an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Akıncı for search and rescue operations. The coordinates of the wreckage of the helicopter discovered by the Akıncı UAVs were transferred to the Iranian authorities.

Iranian rescue teams that have reached the discovered point found that there were no survivors of the accident.