Body of President Iran Raisi was delivered to Tehran

the bodies of President Ebrahim Raisi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hussein Amir Abdullahiyan and other officials who died as a result of a helicopter crash in the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan, were delivered to the capital of Tehran from the city of Tabriz.

At the metropolitan airport of Mekhrabad, a ceremony of transferring the bodies of the dead was organized.

The statement of the Committee organizing the funeral ceremony says that the memorial prayer for Raisi and its environment will be held in Tehran on Wednesday.

After the prayer, the mourning ceremony will continue from the Inkilab Square to Azadi, and citizens are asked to come to this area by public transport.

It is expected that the Iranian leader Ali Khamenei will lead the funeral prayer at the ceremony in Tehran.

In previous statements, it was announced that after the ceremony in Tehran the bodies would be buried on Thursday in the city of Mashhead.

The coil of the helicopter and its consequences

On May 19, President Raisi took part in the opening ceremony of the dam on the Iranian-Azerbaijani border. On the way back, the Raisisi helicopter, accompanied by Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdullahiyan and some officials, suffered an accident.

At the request of Iran, Turkey allocated an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Akıncı for search and rescue operations. The coordinates of the wreckage of the helicopter discovered by the Akıncı UAVs were transferred to the Iranian authorities.

Iranian rescue teams, reaching the discovered point, found that there were no survivors in the disaster.

After confirming the death of Raisi, his first deputy Muhammad Mukhbir was appointed temporary acting president.

According to the Iranian Constitution, the committee consisting of the speaker of the parliament, the head of the judiciary and the first vice president must take measures to elect the new president within a maximum of 50 days.

Presidents in Iran are elected people from among the candidates approved by the Council of Guardians of the Constitution.