Boris Johnson about likelihood of Moscow nuclear weapons

The ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson calls not to be afraid of the threats of Russian President Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons.

“He will not use nuclear weapons, he will never do this, but he wants us to think so. He has an economic paralysis now, he loses the land under him,” Johnson said in Davos on “Ukrainian breakfast” organized Viktor Pinchuk Foundation.

According to the ex-Prime Minister, the Indians and Chinese will turn away from Putin in the case of the use of nuclear weapons, so it is necessary to stop thinking about it.

“Focus attention in Ukraine, not in Putin. You need to support Ukraine, give it the necessary tools to win …” Himars “has become very effective (weapon), give them tanks,” Johnson emphasized.


Senator from the US Democratic Party, Chris Kuns also supported the words of the ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain.

“The risk of escalation should not bother us, we need to think how to change the” red lines “, and not how not to cross them,” he said.