Borrel announced need to take measures against residents of Gaza

The Supreme Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrel announced the need to take measures against residents of the blocked gas sector.

“We regret the current situation in the gas sector, but we must do more than just regret. We need to take measures. Today, people will survive in the gas sector, or not,” said Borrel before meeting with the Secretary of State USA Anthony Blinken in Washington.

The head of European diplomacy thanked the United States for the efforts aimed at providing humanitarian assistance to the residents of Gaza.

At the same time, Borrel noted that the volume of assistance sent to gas in the air, sea and land is insufficient.

“Hundreds of trucks with humanitarian aid cannot be replaced by parachutes. The most important thing is to open land boundaries and start working on the decision of the two states that support both the United States and the EU,” said Borrel.

Blinken, in turn, announced plans to discuss issues related to Ukraine, gas, China and Western Balkans with the head of European diplomacy.

The United States acts together with the EU, in particular, on the issue of providing humanitarian assistance to the gas sector, ”he said.