BORRREL: Russia beats a world record for losses in war

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrel, said that, according to him, Russia suffers huge losses in Ukraine.

“I would not dare to assume how long Russia can persist,” Borrel told reporters in Brussels. “If it is true that Russia has lost 15% of its military from the beginning of the war, then this is a world record for losses for the army invading the army. to the country, ” – quotes the words of the Boral Air Force.

Borrel also assured that the European Union will not allow Ukraine to remain without the equipment necessary for it to protect against Russian aggression.

The Russian leadership does not report the losses of its personnel and equipment. The last time the Russian Ministry of Defense reported on the losses on March 25, reporting the death of 1351 soldiers.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Russia has lost more than 26 thousand personnel from the invasion.