Both pilots of F-4 fighter crashed in Greece died

Both pilots of the F-4 fighter of the Greece, which fell on Monday at sea near the Air Base of Andravid in the northwest of the Peloponnes Peninsula, died.

This was announced by the Main Headquarters of the Air Force of Greece.

“On February 1, 2023, a search and rescue operation to detect the pilot of the F-4e Phantom II pilot of the 31-year-old Aviation captain Efstios Citlakidis, which was carried out after a crash on January 30, 25 naval miles south of Andravid Airport. Collection and analysis of finds. confirmed his death, ”the message said.

earlier the headquarters announced the death of another pilot-29-year-old lieutenant Marios-Mikhail Turucics.

On Monday, immediately after the fall of the aircraft, a large -scale operation from the air and at sea was launched to detect pilots. In particular, two Helpers AB-205 of the Greek Air Force, the S-70 Navy, as well as coast guard ships rushed into the disaster area. Rescuers involved an underwater robot, which could fall by 100 m, but the depth of the sea in the area of ​​the incident, according to the ERT-1 channel, reaches 1,000 m.

According to media, the crew worked out a complex flight at an altitude of about 100 m above the sea surface before the crash. For the so far unknown reason, the fighter crashed into water at a speed of 800 km/h, and fragments and stain of fuel were found at the site of the disaster.