Brazil: presidential election: Bolsonar is threatened not to recognize results

The first round of the presidential election is held in Brazil. It is expected that the left candidate Luis Inasio Lula da Silva will defeat the representative of the right -wing forces, the current president Zhair Bolsonaru.

Israeli “details” write that most polls show that Lula is confidently leading for several months, but Bolsonaru made it clear that he could refuse to recognize the defeat, which increases fears about the institutional crisis or violence after the elections.

According to most polls of public opinion, Lula, who was president from 2003 to 2010, is gaining 10-15 percentage points more than his opponent. If he gains more than 50% of real votes, which, according to several polls, is quite achievable, then he will win an unconditional victory, and there will be no need for voting in the second round.

During the last elections, Lula was in prison, serving a sentence for bribery, which was later canceled by the Supreme Court. Voting in San Bernard-Do-Kamp, Lula admitted that his fate had changed dramatically after the conviction, which, according to him, was politically motivated.

Bolsonaru voted in Rio and said that he was hoping to win the elections in the first round, despite the low results in polls. He threatened to challenge the voting results if they are not in his favor, accusing the electoral authorities of a conspiracy against him and offering the military to conduct a parallel counting of the votes that they refused to do.

At the same time, the Brazilians vote for all 513 members of the lower house of Congress, a third of 81 member of the Senate and governors and state legislators.