Brazil team will play in black form for first time in protest against racism

The Brazilian national football team will play in its history for the first time in a black color, in protest against racism, Globo TV channel reports.

The form of black will be used in a friendly game with the national team of Guinea. The national team in this way will express its protest to racism.

This match was previously announced by the national team as part of the anti -racist campaign in support of his striker of Real Madrid Vinisius Zhuniore, who was subjected to racial violence in the matches of the Championship of Spain this season.

Black T -shirt will be used only in the first half, then the players will change their shape in the usual colors. Vinisius Junior himself, as expected, will also take part in the game at number 20.

The game with Guinea will be held on June 17 in Barcelona. And three days later five -time world champions will play with Senegal in Lisbon.

Earlier, the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro adopted a bill named in honor of the striker of Real Madrid Vinicius Zhunior.

The new bill provides for the stop and even the abolition of matches in which manifestations of racism are discovered.

May 21, Brazilian striker of Real Madrid Vinisius Junior became a victim of racist insults of the fans during a visiting match with Valencia. At the end of the match, the Brazilians showed the fans a gesture hinting at the possible departure of Valencia from the highest division of the Championship of Spain, after which he received a red card and was removed from the field. The Madrid club appealed to the Spanish prosecutor’s office demanding that racist insults against the Brazilian player.