Brent barrels Brent cost $ 92.22

The cost of a barrel of Brent oil in international markets is $ 92.22

The price of a barrel of Brent oil, which raised yesterday to $ 92.40, completed the day at $ 92.06. The price of Brent barrels of the Brent brand amounted to $ 92.22, increasing by 0.17% compared with the closure as of 09.14 today. In the same minutes, Oil of the West Texas (WTI) variety was bought at a price of $ 89.05 per barrel.

Oil prices continue to bargain at the highest levels of this year due to fears about the global offer. The increase in prices was influenced by the continuation of the September abbreviations in Saudi Arabia and Russia, the largest global oil producers, as well as negative oil production in some countries. Brent barrels of Brent brand in international markets are traded at a price of $ 92.22.

Due to the natural disaster in Libya, which is part of the oil exporting countries (OPEC), 4 oil export terminals in the east of the country were closed. Kazakhstan announced a reduction in daily oil production in connection with maintenance.

In the monthly report published yesterday, OPEC stated that by the end of the year the demand for oil in the world will remain high, and the production would be low. Another data confirming the fears that the proposal in the world market will gradually be reduced, came from the US energy information department (EIA). In his yesterday, EIA indicated that in the second half of the year it is expected to reduce the global oil reserves by about 500 thousand barrels, which would lead to an increase in Brent oil price in the fourth quarter up to $ 93 per barrel.

The markets are waiting for the monthly report of the International Energy Agency, which today will present expectations for production and demand.

Brent oil notes that technically the range of 92.46 – 92.53 dollars can act as a resistance, and the range of 92.12 – 92.02 dollars.

as a support zone.