BRICS attracts attention of whole world, including Africa

with the inclusion of Ethiopia and Egypt, the number of African countries in the BRICS community next year will increase to 3.

In accordance with the decision adopted at the 15th Summit, BRICS, held in Johannesburg on August 22-24, a community of BRICS countries, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and the South African Republic, from next year increases the number of members before 11 due to Argentina, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ethiopia, Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

According to the BRICS business council, the community countries already account for 41% of the planet’s population, 31% of world production and 18% of world trade.

It is expected that with the accession of new members to BRICS in 2024, the community will turn into a powerful geo -economic structure based on energy reserves and regional shopping centers in very wide geography.

Given the fact that in the new period the community will include 3 countries of Africa, as well as the increased interest of the Continent countries in the community, Brix should become an important platform on the way to Africa.

– New Brix consisting of 11 members

with the addition of new members, the BRICS community turns into a community, “over which the Sun does not go” – from the Bering Strait to Patagonium.

with the addition of countries such rich in oil and natural gas to the organization of the UAE, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Brix has the potential for turning into an energy community.

According to information received by AA correspondent, on the basis of the data of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, in the countries of the BRICS, 42% of the world’s natural gas reserves and 32% of oil reserves will be concentrated by the next year.

According to the World Bank, the total gross product of Argentina, the UAE, Ethiopia, Iran, Egypt, Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are about 3.25 trillion. dollars

The share of the combined gross product of the BRICS countries is approaching 35% of the global runway.

On the other hand, the community, which includes such important regional trade, financial and administrative centers as Dubai, Gidda, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Tehran and Addis Abuba, will increase its current number of 3.3 billion people for 410 million people. Thus, next year, the BRICS countries will account for 46% of the world’s population.

– BRICS attracts the attention of the whole world, including Africa

BRICS, having a forum format that does not interfere in the affairs of its members and provides mutual benefits, again attracts the attention of developing countries around the world, including Africa.

In addition to Ethiopia and Egypt, the number of 22 countries that have submitted applications for joining BRICS are Nigeria, Senegal and Algeria.

It is no coincidence that representatives of 53 African countries were invited to the summit.