Britain Foreign Minister: “We need to answer Russian aggression only by force”

The Foreign Minister of Great Britain Liz Tracies considers it dangerous to “pacify” Russian President Vladimir Putin, the British Foreign Ministry said in the anticipation of her trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday.

“Russian aggression cannot be pacified. It is necessary to respond to it by force. We must be adamant in ensuring the victory of Ukraine by military assistance and sanctions. Now we can no longer remove the leg from the gas pedal,” said Liz tracks, the BBC Russian service said.

It is noted that the tracks are going to demand an increase in the supply of weapons to Ukraine and tightening sanctions against Russia.

BBC notes that, speaking of the “peacefulness of the aggressor”, the tracks make a clear reference to politics, which in the late 30s of the twentieth century led the British government, led by Neville Chamberlain in relation to Nazi Germany, which made concessions, compromises In the hope of limiting the scale of the aggressive actions of Berlin. Such a policy led to the final degradation of the Versailles system, the League of Nations and the Collective Security System, the radical change in the balance of forces in Europe, the weakening of the geopolitical positions of the UK and France and the strengthening of Germany.

According to the tracks, you cannot allow any rollback from the goal to guarantee the defeat of Russia in its war against Ukraine. “We should not allow a protracted and increasingly painful conflict in Ukraine,” said the head of Foreign office.

The West, according to her, should draw conclusions from recent history, when Putin, having achieved from the West of different concessions, then attacked Georgia, Crimea and Donbass.

The Prime Minister of Estonia Kai Kallas, who warned colleagues from demonstrating to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, also made any weakness on Wednesday. “A world concluded on bad conditions for Ukraine will mean a bad world for all of us. It is much more dangerous to concede Putin than to provoke it,” she said.

These statements were heard after the proposals of the Ukrainian territory were offered at the forum in Davos and in the columns of a number of media outlets in order to finish the war as soon as possible, BBC notes. President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the country would not give its territories and reproached the partners that in any situation there is someone who, under any behavior of Russia, will offer to “take into account its interests.”