British media wrote about “Overwhelming” Europe Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin “reached” Europe, concluding a deal about the construction of a new gas pipeline with China, written by the British edition of Daily Express.

We are talking about the “Power of Siberian-2” pipeline. According to Daily Express, Russia is at the final stage of negotiations with China on the construction of this gas pipeline, according to which in the future it will be swept as much gas as much as the already built “Northern Federation-2” to Europe.

As indicate analysts of the British edition, the appearance of another gas pipeline will allow Moscow to decide who and at what price will receive Russian gas.

In addition, experts of the publication believe that the growing energy crisis in Europe will force the EU politicians to “give way to the pressure of Moscow” and will not allow them to “stop the growing aggression of the Kremlin against Ukraine.”

RBC reminds that Vladimir Putin and the Chinese leader of Jinping discussed the project “Power of Siberi-2” gas pipeline during the video conferencing on December 19. The optimal route, the length and other parameters of the pipeline are already defined, the analysis of its technical feasibility will be completed in the next few weeks, Vladimir Putin said. It is known that the “power of Siberia-2” will pass through Mongolia and will be able to supply to China to 50 billion cubic meters of gas annually. The design of this gas pipeline began in September 2020.