British Minister: China can undermine its reputation

The support of Russia in the military sphere will negatively affect Beijing’s reputation in the world.

Such an opinion was expressed in an interview with Al Arabiya’s television channel Foreign Minister, on the affairs of the Commonwealth and Development of Great Britain, James Cleverly.

“We (the Government of Great Britain – Ed.) Study the Chinese proposal for peace in Ukraine,” Klelanderley said.

According to his statement, “China has the right to fear escalation in Ukraine.”

Cleverly believes that “any military support to China of Russia will damage its reputation at the international level.”

According to Cleverly, Beijing “is aware of the negative consequences of Russia’s support in the military sphere.”

Touching upon relations with Iran, the Foreign Minister of Britain noted that, in his opinion, the Iranian authorities “must change their destabilizing behavior in the region.”

Cleverly added that the UK “leaves open options for counteracting threats by Iran.”