Brussels: EU diplomat for more than 500 days is in Iranian prison

A Swedish EU Swedish External Relations Service Johan Floderus has been in custody in Iran for more than 500 days. This was announced by the Supreme Representative of the European Union (EU) on international relations and security policy Josep Borrel.

According to the head of European diplomacy, Floderus was detained in Iran illegally.

“I, my whole team and EU institutes are in close contact with the Swedish authorities responsible for consular protection, as well as with his family,” said Borrel.

The head of European diplomacy noted that Brussels is pressure on the Iranian authorities on the liberation of Floderus.

“We put this issue for discussion at every diplomatic contact with Iran at all levels,” Borrel emphasized.

Earlier, the New York Times wrote that 33-year-old Swede Johan Floderus was arrested in Iran, where he went as a tourist in April 2022.