Brussels: meeting of Ministers of Defense of NATO countries continues

The defense ministers of the Sanizer countries met at the NATO headquarters in Brussels to participate in meetings on the second and last day of the meeting.

This last meeting at the level of ministers in front of the NATO summit, which will be held in Washington July 9-11.

The Defense Ministers of NATO countries received information from their Ukrainian colleague Rustem Umarov about the urgent military needs of Ukraine, especially in air defense, yesterday as part of a meeting of the contact group of NATO-Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg after yesterday’s meeting expressed satisfaction of the continuing support of Ukraine by the Allies. According to the Secretary General, assistance to Ukraine should be long -term and strongly.

Stoltenberg said that he submitted a proposal to the ministers, which provides for annual military support of Ukraine in the amount of at least 40 billion euros as much as necessary.

The Secretary General noted that he expects the ministers to reach an agreement on the “NATO Assistance Plan for the Security Plan”, which also includes the above proposal.

NATO Secretary General drew attention to the fact that almost all military assistance to Ukraine is provided by NATO allies, and claims that this support should be transformed into a long -term structure in order to acquire a predictable character.

Stoltenberg wants NATO to take on a leading role in coordinating the help of Ukraine in the field of security and training.

The opposition of Hungary on this issue was overcome on the eve of the meeting of ministers of defense. The Budapest administration said that she would not participate in the NATO plan in Ukraine, but she would not prevent him.

Turkey in NATO is represented by the Minister of National Defense Yashar Guler

On the sidelines of the meeting, Minister Guler held a bilateral meeting yesterday with his Lithuanian colleague Laurinas Kaschunas.

Before meeting the contact group, NATO-Ukraine talked with many colleagues, including the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umarov.