Bulgaria banned two Russian citizens to enter country and EU

The State National Security Agency of Bulgaria (DANS) banned two Russian citizens to enter Bulgaria and all other countries of the European Union (EU), accusing them of “espionage”.

DANS reports that Russian citizens Vladimir Nikolayevich Korochkin (40 years old) and Tatyana Anatolyevna Korochkina (38 years old) were banned from entering Bulgaria and all other EU member countries for a period of 5 years.

The statement stated that Korochkin and Korochkin, who were supposedly employees of the foreign intelligence service of Russia, “pose a threat to national security.”

The statement said that Russian citizens lived in Bulgaria for some time and tried to get Bulgarian citizenship, and also intended to spy on various European countries and collect intelligence for Russia as citizens of Bulgaria.

In September 2023, Bulgaria deported the Russian and two citizens of Belarus who served in the Russian Church in Sofia on similar grounds.