Bulgaria: errors in vaccination led to death 10 thousand people

mistakes made in the preparation of a campaign for vaccination against coronavirus, about 10 thousand people took their lives, the Minister of Health of the Technical Government of Bulgaria Stalls Katsarov said. This is reported by TASS.

Bulgaria When organizing vaccination did not give priority to citizens older than 60 years and people with severe diseases. According to experts, it led to death about 10 thousand patients during the second wave of a pandemic, these lives could be saved, because about 80% The dead were the elderly citizens, “said Katsarov.

The Minister noted that by giving preference to the Vaccine of the British-Swedish company Astrazeneca, Bulgaria faced its deficit. Due to the delay in the drug supplies to instill until the end of February, no more than 200 thousand inhabitants of the country managed.

Currently in Bulgaria, the share of fully vaccinated citizens is 16.2% of the population. A little higher than the fraction of the Bulgarians, which received the first dose of the drug – 18.1% of the inhabitants. However, on both indicators the country takes the last place in the European Union.